Here Say

Abigail helped launch a multimedia storytelling and community  engagement project for KBIA News 91.3 in Columbia, Mo.

Here Say is a project in community story telling. Abigail and her teammates visited community spaces in Mid-Missouri and asked people there to tell true stories about themselves based on a given theme. At the Farmer’s Market, they asked for stories about food and on the bus they asked for stories about travel.

Abigail designed an interactive map with imbedded stories, photos and audio clips from the stories, and the team also produced a weekly radio spot with stories collected that week. The team also led a social media campaign to help launch the project.

To explore this project in it’s current iteration, click here. 

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Abigail spent a semester working for the graphics desk at The Missourian. She used Adobe Illustrator and interactive tools to make charts, diagrams, maps and other graphics published in the paper and online.

Full page graphic about abortion in Missouri

Abigail reported and created a full page graphic that was published in the Columbia Missourian in January 2015. She also created an interactive version of the graphic that was published on the Columbia Missourian website.


Diagram for story about diesel engines

carLocator Map for story about donated land



Abigail has experience shooting and editing news-style and “person-on-the-street” videos. She has experience with DSLR cameras and Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere. She’s also spent time in the newsroom at Newsy and is familiar with searching for fair use video content and writing video scripts.

KBIA News Informational Video

Abigail made this video for KBIA News to use as a promotional video. She shot and edited the video using a DSLR camera and Adobe Premiere.

Slow Food Katy Trail Promotional Video

Abigail shot the live video and produced and edited this video for the Slow Food Katy Trail non-profit in Columbia, Mo. All still photographs were provided to her by the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture.

Ashland High School Football Team

Abigail and a partner made this video for a series of stories about Ashland, Mo. for the Columbia Missourian. Abigail helped shoot interviews and b-roll, edit, and write the accompanying text piece of this video. The full story can be found here.