Longform Audio:

Heartland, Missouri for KBIA news

Abigail created this half-hour long audio documentary at KBIA news as an independent study. She spent six months researching, reporting, writing, and producing this piece. It was recently named one of the best pieces of immersive journalism in 2014 by Medium magazine. You can listen to it on KBIA’s website by clicking on the picture below.
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This I Believe

Abigail produced and narrated a half hour story segment with KBIA News where local high school students read original This I Believe essays. You can listen to the segment by clicking the photo below.

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CoMo Explained with KBIA News

Abigail reported and produced episodes of KBIA’s local explainer podcast, CoMo explained for 3 months. She pitched topics, interviewed and researched shows, and co-hosted several episodes of the podcast.

Who put the peace in Peace Park?

This episode explores how a local park got its name.

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9 myths about Mizzou Wireless

This episode answers questions about the university’s wifi system and why it experiences so many issues.

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 Why does KBIA play so much classical music?

This episode answers a listener’s question and explains the history of the local NPR affiliate in Columbia, MO.

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What does sales tax have to do with interstate commerce and the internet?

This episode explains a local tax ordinance and why its important to voters.

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Trucks stopping downtown: All your questions answered

This episode explains why tractor-trailer vehicles are allowed (though not legally) to double park in two lane roads in Columbia.

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Talk Show Production

Abigail helped produce a local issues talk show for KBIA News called Intersection for a semester. She was the lead producer for one episode. She pitched the topic, pre-interviewed guests, and assisted as the line producer during the taping of the show.

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Feature Reporting

Abigail has done day-turn story and feature reporting as well as anchoring for KBIA News for multiple semesters. Her profile on KBIA’s website shows all her stories, below are a few selected pieces.

Unitarian Church raises money for solar panels

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 Two-Way with Minneapolis-based Magazine editors

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