the definition of “chil”

This is another flash writing experiment. Except this prompt was “write about something that’s in your wallet or purse.”


Buy 5 at regular price get the 6th for $1.00. Wow. Such a deal. Buy 6 sugar injected alcohol slushies that you could easily craft for less than their regular price by simply going to 7-11 and buying a cherry slushie and a bottle of booze.

It’s tacky, just like the styrofoam cups that everyone totes around all summer. It’s bright yellow and says: “Definition of ‘Chil’.” Why is chill spelled wrong? Why do they have that sign on their door that says you’re breaking the law if you leave with a drink, when everyone knows that of course you’re leaving, because why would you want to drink a too-sweet slushie out of a styrofoam cup next to an aquarium that is sadly brown.

I have three out of five punched to get a 20 oz drink for $1.00. Well really Frankie does. But Frankie gave it to me after we got Trops with Yajie. “You’ll use it sooner than I will,” she said. Which I guess is true, though I don’t know the next time I’ll be going to Tropical Liquers given there’s a foot of snow on the ground.

But it was snowy when we went a few weeks ago. We thought it’d be fun to get Trops just like we did this summer. We also thought it was funny to drink Trops while watching Frozen at Yajie’s (which he torrented prior to our request. Yes, Yajie was planning on watching Frozen regardless of our visit); well we thought it was ironic anyway. And we’re all really into irony– everyone we worked with last summer.

So we took our ironic, nostalgic drinks back to Yajie’s weird suburb house that he lives in by himself except when his parents come back from Arkansas, and we watched Frozen. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would–I mean sure there’s a feminist twist, but the songs were too broadway, and their boobs were too big for cartoon characters. But Frankie and Yajie liked it. Actually, I saw a post on Yajie’s facebook just the other day:

“Standing on my balcony wearing a thick blanket, watching the snow. I feel like Elsa from Frozen. :)”

He’s a pretty weird guy. Really we all are–everyone we worked with last summer. It was weird to see Yajie and Frankie without everyone else. They went to school together at Truman and have all these mutual friends. Plus Frankie is like 25 and teaches fifth grade and Yajie’s in medical school and although sometimes his maturity level feels fifth gradish, he really is kind of a grown up. And so are Steve and Laura and Sam and Tina. And Myra is about to graduate. And Peter, too. And I probably won’t go to Trops again until this summer. But the staff this summer will all be under 21, so maybe we won’t even go to Trops. And maybe that ugly, yellow card will sit in my wallet until it’s tattered and worn out and the corners are frayed and I won’t ever come to know the definition of “chil.”

But it was still nice to see them–those two from last summer.